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Canon has a long heritage of knowing our customers, our products and bringing together the support that’s required to help our customers success. With Canon Information Technology Service (Canon ITS) we can help extend our expertise to other companies who want to take care of their customers in the same way we do. We specialize in BPO services centering on customer service and customer experience management.

Companies both large and small often find executing effective customer service to be a time-consuming and expensive investment, but Canon ITS delivers BPO solutions that can fit your existing needs and open up new avenues for gathering feedback and valuable data from every customer interaction. 

The Canon ITS team prides itself on getting to know every aspect of your business, even before a contract begins. From developing customer service solutions that can ensure every one of your customers feels heard and valued, to delivering cutting-edge solutions for identifying existing customer needs or avenues for reaching new customers, choosing Canon ITS as your partner for business process outsourcing can help you retain customers, increase conversions, and minimize returns to grow your brand outreach and your revenue.

Interested in learning more about how Canon ITS can provide BPO services for your business? Contact us today!

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Customer Experience Management
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Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Experience
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Customer Support Solutions

Customer Service Solutions
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Social Media Management

Online and Social Media Support
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Data and Analyics

Data and Analytics Reporting
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Strategic Process Consulting

Strategic Process Consultations
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Sales and Order Fulfillment

Direct Sales and Order Fulfilment
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Technical Support

Technical Support
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Canon Information Technology Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA and has been offering superior customer service to millions of happy customers for over 25 years.